FloodHub - How it works
The FloodHub provides Google Flood Alerts to the general population.
If you are in a flood prone area, open the FloodHub and see the current flood information in your area. If not, open the FloodHub, zoom out/in to find your area of interest and see the relevant flood info to this area.
The FloodHub information is in high resolution when you zoom in, and allows a wide view on the entire flooded area.
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This map displays the approximate flood area based on Google Flood Forecasting models that use data from public sources such as ECMWF, NASA, and NOAA. You should not use the information presented on the website as a sole source of data as actual flood conditions may vary. Unless otherwise stated, the models do not use data provided by governmental entities, nor is Google Flood Forecasting project affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any governmental entity.