Project Euphonia

Project Euphonia is a Google Research initiative focused on helping people with atypical speech be better understood. The approach is centered on analyzing speech recordings to better train speech recognition models.

Helping people be better understood

For millions of people around the world whose speech is difficult for others to understand, face-to-face communication can be very challenging. Using voice-activated technologies can be frustrating, too. While tools like Google Home or the Google Assistant can help people call someone, adjust lighting, or play a favorite song, they may not work as well for those with impaired speech.

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How you can help

Though speech recognition algorithms have heard millions of examples of words and phrases from people whose voices sound “typical,” the algorithms have not heard nearly as many examples from people with impaired speech. If you’re 18-years-of-age or older and have a voice that may be considered difficult to understand (but not because of an accent), you can assist us in our research by recording a set of phrases in exchange for a gift card.

Record phrases for Google Research

We engage with individuals with a wide array of conditions, including ALS, stroke, traumatic brain injury, deafness, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and MS.

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How our research works

While research timelines can be long and unpredictable, our goal is to eventually improve everyday life by making it easier for people to communicate and to be understood.