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William (Bill)

“I’m William. I just moved by myself to San Diego from outside of Philadelphia.”

William posing by a large body of water

“Now that I've moved to San Diego, in the past I always would notice that somebody wouldn't understand me if I'm out in public. I always had my sister or family member who knew my voice, that if I had a problem, they could tell the person what I'm talking about.

Bill posing in front of the ocean

Project Relate now is like my family member that I can take anywhere, and I can use to communicate with anybody. It's very easy to gain that confidence in doing everything that I want to do in my life.

I have times that on a Sunday afternoon, I want to go downtown and get a cannoli. And I just go down and I go to an Italian bakery. And I say, "Can I have one cannoli?"

Before Project Relate, I basically had to stay quiet and then if somebody spoke to me, I tried to use as little words as possible because I knew that they couldn't understand me. But now with Project Relate, it's expanding my vocabulary that now they see the true view of my intellect and what I can do and talk about. Before I kind of felt like I was in a box.”


“I'm Adam. I am an artist and tech tester from Toronto, Canada.”

Adam smiling in front of a computer screen showing Project Relate

“Some people had trouble understanding me, but for me, voice was always easier for me to use… I used to hate typing…my personality wasn't getting out, in my typing… you can see that I'm a real talker.

Adam smiling in front of his computer

I live in a neighborhood filled with public art and I was hired on a project to actually go out and audit all this public art.

I was outside in downtown Toronto, and it heard me clear as day and I was even fighting some of the wind outside.

I just cut and pasted the notes from the Relate then shared it with a few of the people.

Using Relate let's me put out my ideas into the computer. And I’ve at least been able to sculpt what I want to say.”


“Hi. My name is Yvonne. I have Relate, and I love it.”

Yvonne posing on the beach

“It helps me most importantly communicate with my husband, because he says I don't speak loud enough, but he won't admit he don't understand me. And it's funny, he's the only one that don't understand me.

Yvonne posing in front of the beach

… But Relate helps, it really does, because even just joking around with my husband, I use it. When I go into a shop and I feel a bit embarrassed, I just showed them my phone and ordered in that way. I don't mind if it's with people I know, but when you're meeting strangers, or going to a shop, it's easier and more simplified to do it that way, using the app.

Because that way, no mistakes can be made, it's all there.”

These are just a few stories from individuals who use Project Relate. There are many more waiting to be told.